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A man explores a dining table in an abandoned snowy cabin


How can we overcome our regrets and use our past to better shape our future instead of tearing down?

A man searches for a cabin in the storm.

Narrative Work, Music Videos, Short Films


A one take music video on the iPhone 11 Pro

The front end of vintage cars stick out from the California desert
Once in a Lifetime 4.jpg


Short film in collaboration with Samsung


Lifetimes Dedicated to Mastery (Documentary)

Sir Opifex 2.jpg
Break it Down 1.jpg


This music / lyric video was made for the amazing rock band Yellow Dog Conspiracy and showcases the use of double exposure shots and trippy kaleidoscopic visuals.


16mm Short Film
"Accursed greed for gold, to what dost thou not drive the heart of man." - Virgil


WITHDRAWAL Thumb Poster_edited_edited.jpg
cod real life.jpg


Next Gen graphics? Forget that. Let's play Call of Duty Black ops 3 Zombies in Real Life!


An alien colony taps into a signal from earth. The signal happens to be a video from youtube: A vlog by Casey Neistat. The aliens are not familiar with the concept of staring into the camera to vlog so they believe that the human vlogger is talking directly to them giving them the impression that he is Earth's leader. This leads them to sending one of their best to meet with him and establish a diplomatic treaty. But the place he is sent to is New York and things don't really go as planned.

Alien in New York.jpg