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Music by Biianco - Director, DP: Kris Truini - Choreography: Sarah Stranger - Dancers: Sarah Stranger, Biianco, Emma Alexander - Production Manager: Gloria Reyes - Gaffer: Sabrina Robinson - BTS Shooter: Dan Brink - Grip: William Alspaugh - Location Manager: Sharon Sirnes Location - Manager Assistant: Richard Dizmang

Dive into the process

Today I want to share that music video with you as well as the full process of making it. From planning to end and everything in between. This is what it took to make a one take music video in the middle of the desert.


A one-take music video shot on a smartphone.

With mobile filmmaking rising and tools becoming more and more accessible, filmmakers, musicians, storytellers can now create a cinematic music video with high production value with something that most people have in their pocket.

Cars Desert.jpg

As surreal as this looks, this is real. Cars planted in the ground. The perfect backdrop.

Chlorine Banner.jpg


My goal was to also really see how far you can push a modern phone such as the iPhone 11 Pro.  
In my case I used exactly that, an iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Get the film look and capture your style in any way you can. Now smartphones and mobile filmmaking are on a level where you can use them to get serious work done.


Chlorine Banner.jpg

Keep faith

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