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From novice to expert! With this playlist you will be able to learn new techniques in Adobe After Effects to create exciting VFX! If you haven't done so yet, check out "The Basics" playlist if you are just starting off with After Effects. There you will find tutorials to get you started. In this playlist we are taking it up a notch and we will explore some slightly more advanced effects.

You can create a dramatic scene that still feels cinematic in many different ways. 

Kevin Terrell (IATSE LOCAL 479 Lighting Technician) will walk us through how to create the drama and telling the story with the right mood. The conversation between the gaffer and the dp is crucial and we will see glimpses of that collaboration with Gavin Ash (Commercial cinematographer) to build the scene.

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Breakdowns from VFX shots from Music Videos, Short Films and Commericals.


Step by step tutorials to master VFX in After Effects

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Step by step tutorials to master VFX in After Effects