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There are many talented filmmakers struggling to make a living because they don't have the tools or knowledge needed for success. The industry is rapidly evolving, and filmmakers need access to education to stay relevant, but most classes are far from affordable. Kriscoart was created to help filmmakers learn by making educational tutorials accessible to everyone. Maybe you're an editor who wants to learn VFX or a cinematographer who wants more tips on lighting. Our content is designed to help filmmakers at any stage in the filmmaking process, from pre-production through post-production. All our videos are available online at no cost, so everyone can enjoy them. We want to make it easy for you to find the tips you need when you need them, so you never have an excuse not to create something new or improve your craft! Our tutorials will always be free because we believe everyone deserves access to education no matter how much they can pay. Kriscoart is a production company focused on providing essential tools and knowledge for filmmakers to expand their skills. Our mission? Learn. Create. Share. We have created editing and VFX tutorials, lighting workshops, and filmmaking breakdowns as part of founder Kris Truini's free education philosophy.

When I was eight years old, looking through a cheap disposable camera’s viewfinder made me feel like nothing could bring me down. It gave off this feeling that you can escape from life and create your own world. My passion for film has only grown stronger. It drives who I am and pushes me to learn new things about myself while developing projects and filmmaking tutorials to help others along their journey as well!

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