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Particles is a must-have for any filmmaker or VFX artist.

If you need particles that will float in the air or snow and dust to seep into your shots - this pack was made for you! Particles’ arsenal of textures features many lens combinations, giving them an authentic look like no other toolkit out there today.

You can enhance the mood and environment of your scene with atmospheric elements and instantly make your shots more dynamic and alive without filming with expensive and difficult to control equipment like fog machines and haze generators.

We crafted this collection to ensure you have everything you might need to add cinematic particle elements to your scene. This pack includes a variety of subtle yet impactful particles that will help immerse viewers into whatever you’re creating.


- Available in 4K and HD

- 50 Cinematic Particle Assets

- Fast and Slow Moving Elements

- Dense and Subtle Elements

- Window Shapes

- VFX Fire elements

- Simple color adjustments


- Save time and money with a single product.

- Make your scenes more immersive.

- Add another dimension to the world you’ve created.

- Make your projects stand out from the crowd.

“Particles is an excellent resource for VFX artists and filmmakers needing a simple way to add quality and realism to their compositions.” - Testimonial

With Particles, there is significantly more dimension added to this scene. Check out the weightless, moving elements added to the shot below. This pack is the simplest way to achieve your desired look without hiring an expensive editor. Our collection includes 50 handcrafted cinematic particle elements for you to use.


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